Should menu be on right side or left side ?

Recently there was a discussion on “Whether a menu should be on right side or left side of website ?”

Traditionally the menu has always been on Left side of the website. As we tend to read from left to right. But recently the blogs are having their menus on the right side and also the designers were looking for some change and started putting the navigation on the right.

Now there is a new concept of Mass menu has come up in which there are a lot of links are given in two three categories which are easy to navigate and also looks stylish. This type of menu is generally used in E-commerce sites which have a lot of categories, subcategories and also products. But I personally feel having so many links on one page can also affect on the Search Engine ranking for the website.

I personally feel the menu should be on the top and sub menu should be on the left hand side. It all depends on your clients requirements. The menu should be easy visible and able to attract visitor’s attention when the website is loaded. Also try to design the menu using pure CSS rather than using Jquery or some other tools.

This topic is something on which we can keep on discussing. I look forward to know your ideas over this. All comments are welcomed.


About Nikhil Rajhans

I am a very tech savvy person and works as a consultant in the field of Internet Marketing. I also run a offshore web development firm Umbrella Technologies.

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  1. absolutely, i agree n emphasize on having menu on left side, as this is natural way of proceding left to right.
    and i believe, how complex design could be in implementation but it should not pose complexity in its usage,ease of use is big factor to consider while designing.
    elegant design alwys appreciable.

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