Content Management System

CMS a very popular word in the space of Website Development. Well, CMS means Content Management System.

In simple words, CMS is a system which allows you to change the content of your website. Today a lot of advance CMS are available which allows you to add new pages to your website, change the images of your website and you can also change the font, size and styling of your words.

There are various companies which provides CMS either free or paid. Opensource CMS are in very demand as you dont have to pay anything extra for this. What you have to pay is to a developer to integrate it in your website.

Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Typo III all are opensource CMS which are widely used. WordPress is an emerging and very powerful CMS and very famous among developers. Many of you might be knowing that WordPress is famous for blogs and most of you might be using it.

CMS helps companies to save a lot on maintenance as you dont need to get in touch with your web design or development firm to do small changes. You can change the content of your website with a click of mouse.

Companies which needs to change the text or content of their website from time to time requires a CMS. The cost of having a CMS is high as compared to Static Website. Therefore one most introspect whether they really need a CMS or not ?


About Nikhil Rajhans

I am a very tech savvy person and works as a consultant in the field of Internet Marketing. I also run a offshore web development firm Umbrella Technologies.

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  3. Hi…Nikhil dada,
    I am akhil’s friend…
    I read your blogs and find it a great read…!!
    Specially.CMS blog which makes me understand CMS like never before…

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