We need a 3 page website – Home, Contact and Login page

As the heading suggests, we receive such inquiries at least once in a month. So it is important to understand what exactly you want from website. It is not necessary for every business to have login page or functionality. It depends on what you want from your website. If you need a static brochure website then you don’t need any login page in this.

A Login system is needed when you want to protect some information and would like to provide access to certain people.

The real question is to understand “What functionalities do you want in your website ?” The login page is just a part of it. Do you need to integrate any automated system such Online Booking, CRM or Ecommerce.

Say you need Online Booking system and you have to store customer information which is something you need to protect and should give access to limited and responsible people of your staff.

Its not that you need a login system but you need to tell your designer or developer what functionality exactly you want and should explain him regarding that rather than saying I need a login system.

This will make developers work easy and also yours.

I hope this information will help.


About Nikhil Rajhans

I am a very tech savvy person and works as a consultant in the field of Internet Marketing. I also run a offshore web development firm Umbrella Technologies.

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