How to incorporate Social Media into Business ?

Businesses had started taking social Media seriously and are looking forward to take benefit from it. It is very important for business’s to understand how they can incorporate or integrate their business with social media over the internet.

1. Discuss with staff

Engage your company’s senior management, sales team and marketing team and few key personnel from each department. Discuss on how you can leverage the benefit of social media and what points you should be focusing on like customer service, promoting new product or getting feedback. This will help in getting different and innovative ideas and also integrating feeling of responsibility in your company employees and it will be a change for all of them from their day to day activity.

2. Find websites which are important to your business.

Now find out social websites/blogs/forums where you will get your target customers. List down all the websites and prioritize each one of them according to no. of target customers and which will help you in fulfilling your goals.

3. Create you accounts on each of them (generally it will be free)

4. Communicate with your target Audience

Now you have created your accounts on different social networks. Now comes the main job that is creating interest in your target audience this can be done in various ways. Give tips and tricks which can be useful to your target audience, give some advice for free so that it will help you in creating interest in your company and will start following you on tweeter/facebook/blog or will keep communicating with you on that particular website.

This will not only help you in creating followers but also provide an opportunity in turning them into customers. You get an honest feedback from these people.

5. Integrate Social Media on your website

Now optimize your website with social media by adding button facebook like button, facebook connect button, follow us on twitter button, adding tweet button, connect on likedin button, stumble upon buttong, share button for different websites like digg, stumble upon, facebook etc.

The benefit of it is that when someone tweets or share a particular page of your website on facebook or twitter then all the people in the network of that particular person will see that piece of information. Now some one also shares that information and every in his network will see that information. This will increase more traffic to your website and provides an opportunity to market your product to more target audience.

6. Do not stop communicating with your audience.

Now you have a decent traffic to your website with the help of social media. Do not stop communicating with this target audience. If you stop communicating with your target audience then they will loose interest in you and slowly they will stop following you. But in order to keep constant communication do not irritate your audience by providing information which is not required as it may feel like spammy. Share the information only when its going to be useful to your audience.

7. Do not disclose confidential informatoin.

Make sure that you do not disclose any information which is confidential i.e. new products which are not yet launched or prototypes. Place proper rules and regulation on what information to be shared with your audience and which not.


About Nikhil Rajhans

I am a very tech savvy person and works as a consultant in the field of Internet Marketing. I also run a offshore web development firm Umbrella Technologies.

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