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How to incorporate Social Media into Business ?

Businesses had started taking social Media seriously and are looking forward to take benefit from it. It is very important for business’s to understand how they can incorporate or integrate their business with social media over the internet.

1. Discuss with staff

Engage your company’s senior management, sales team and marketing team and few key personnel from each department. Discuss on how you can leverage the benefit of social media and what points you should be focusing on like customer service, promoting new product or getting feedback. This will help in getting different and innovative ideas and also integrating feeling of responsibility in your company employees and it will be a change for all of them from their day to day activity.

2. Find websites which are important to your business.

Now find out social websites/blogs/forums where you will get your target customers. List down all the websites and prioritize each one of them according to no. of target customers and which will help you in fulfilling your goals.

3. Create you accounts on each of them (generally it will be free)

4. Communicate with your target Audience

Now you have created your accounts on different social networks. Now comes the main job that is creating interest in your target audience this can be done in various ways. Give tips and tricks which can be useful to your target audience, give some advice for free so that it will help you in creating interest in your company and will start following you on tweeter/facebook/blog or will keep communicating with you on that particular website.

This will not only help you in creating followers but also provide an opportunity in turning them into customers. You get an honest feedback from these people.

5. Integrate Social Media on your website

Now optimize your website with social media by adding button facebook like button, facebook connect button, follow us on twitter button, adding tweet button, connect on likedin button, stumble upon buttong, share button for different websites like digg, stumble upon, facebook etc.

The benefit of it is that when someone tweets or share a particular page of your website on facebook or twitter then all the people in the network of that particular person will see that piece of information. Now some one also shares that information and every in his network will see that information. This will increase more traffic to your website and provides an opportunity to market your product to more target audience.

6. Do not stop communicating with your audience.

Now you have a decent traffic to your website with the help of social media. Do not stop communicating with this target audience. If you stop communicating with your target audience then they will loose interest in you and slowly they will stop following you. But in order to keep constant communication do not irritate your audience by providing information which is not required as it may feel like spammy. Share the information only when its going to be useful to your audience.

7. Do not disclose confidential informatoin.

Make sure that you do not disclose any information which is confidential i.e. new products which are not yet launched or prototypes. Place proper rules and regulation on what information to be shared with your audience and which not.


Difference between SMM and SMO

Due to the tremendous hype of Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM), people are getting confused. Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing are very different each other.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) means optimizing your website for Social Media. In this, we make sure that some important peice of information or product information from your website can shared over social networks like facebook, twitter, linkedin, digg, stumble upon etc. This can be done by adding buttons like facebook share, tweeter’s tweet button. It helps you in spreading word about your product and service to large no. of people over the social networks and can provide you a good traffic of targeted visitors.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) mean marketing your website over Social Networks. In this, you can provide ads on facebook, you can tweet on twitter or can submit your article or press release to different PR websites which not only helps you in creating back links but also helps you in marketing to a large pool people in less time and with less expenditure. Facebook is a very successful platform now and it could be very costly to do advertisement on it.

One needs to do a lot of work to get success using SMM and SMO as you should first have to understand where you will find your target customers or visitors. Then you need to connect with them and have to start an conversation so that they will be interested and will start following you on these social networks. Once you have a good no. of followers then your job becomes easy. As without followers the social media is not going to work for you easily.

Nothing comes easily, one has to work hard to get success. So it can be done either by paying someone for his time and experience or put your time in it, learn and work hard.

How long and wide web page should be ?

I had a discussion with one of my client today over the length of the website. There are a lot of misconception regarding the web page’s length and width. So I thought I should clear those my writing about this in this article.

1. Long and Quality Content is the key to SEO

If we look at basics of the SEO, the content is the heart of the website. If the content is with reference to your web page subject and its lengthy then search engines like google, yahoo, bing give it more importance. You can add your keywords in correct propotion in the website. So having lengthy web page is good. Just make sure that the content should be of quality and appropriate to your website.

2. Avoid Horizontal Scrolls.

Make sure that the website design fits in most of the resolution and the users don’t have to scroll the website horizontally. Our mouse is designed to do vertical scroll by default through our website. So you to scroll horizontally we have to move our mouse over to the horizontal scroll which irritates if we have to every time and the view is also not quite good and user face difficulty in reading it. So avoid horizontal scrolls.

3. Make sure the User identifies your web page is lengthy and needs to scroll down.

Some times it happens that the user do not know that there is content down the page and he needs to scroll. This happens due to extra space which is of same color of your websites background. If you keep the background of your content different from the background of your webpage then the user can easily grasp that there is more content down the line.

if you have 2 or 3 column design then you can make sure that the levels of column are at different level or has an border because of which user can understand there is more content and he needs to scroll.

4. Ask the user to scroll

There is nothing wrong in asking your users to scroll. Its good to have floating button at the bottom of the screen rather just having know more or read more link as this will not disturb the user while reading but will always stay at the bottom of the screen no matter how much you scroll. Its also looks good and matches with design and catches your attention easily.

You can also ask to scroll by providing user a reason to do so. You can say “Scroll Down for important information” or “Scroll down to know more about offer” etc which will encourage the client to scroll.

In short Long pages do work if the user knows he can scroll and if you provide him a good reason to do so.

Let me know your feedback over the same. As this will help all of us in how we can make better UI in order to make our websites convert more visitors into customers.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Now a days, Social Media Marketing (SMM) has been a buzz word. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is nothing but marketing your company, product or services on the the social sites like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, LinkedIn, ibibo etc. SMM helps in building brand and promoting products or services to your potential audience.

Who should use SMM ?

Any company or person who’s potential customers are general people or a group of users who uses internet a lot and are available at one place like Facebook or Google or Yahoo groups. If you are a company which manufactures technical products which are used by engineering company, then the scope will be less as its difficult to find your targeted audience  at one place. In such case you need to visit technical forum sites where your target audience is available.

Research needs to be done before opting for SMM

In internet marketing, information travels very fast and its difficult to remove your history from the internet. So it is very important to create a positive image if anything goes wrong then it becomes very difficult to improve it. One should always do research before entering into SMM. One should always look for sites where they will find the maximum target audience at one place.

How to use SMM in right way ?

Create your company’s profile on the social network sites and connect to as many members as possible.  Update your status regularly. Advertise on these sites if budget allows. Provide free information or try to solve problems of members. Join Groups and email the groups about your special offers, products and services etc. Participate regularly in forums and create a good reputation. Do not irritate members by bombarding your emails or messages or posts which are irrelevant.

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