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Basic SEO

Search Engine Optimization means optimizing websites so that different search engines can find them easily and relate to type and category of your website. For example I run a web design firm which deals in web design and development, so my website should be easily searchable for keywords like Website Design, Website Development. Well Website Design or Website Development are very broad terms whereas Website Design in Akola would be very specific and relevant.

In today’s competitive world having a website is not enough, the website should be searchable to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Search etc.  This is achieved by performing SEO on website.

Lets see some of the Basic SEO points which are very important.

1. Add your Business into your Google’s Local Business Center.

2. Title Tags

Title tags should be used carefully and usually use long tail keywords. Long tail keywords mean keywords which are long in length but keep them below 65 characters. This is the first place where most of the search engines looks while browsing your website and relates the content of your website.

3. Meta Tags.

Meta Tags are also very important which gives information about your website to the search engines. Meta Keywords and Meta Description are necessary tags and must put them in the header section of your website.

4. Header Tags.

Header Tags the second important thing in your website. The Content, Title and Header tags are compared and checked whether your website is relevant or not. Generally use H1 tag only once and it is the very important Tag. Do not keep your H1 and Title tag same. Header tags are from <h1> to <h6> in which H1 tag is the most important as it is the heading of the page.

5. Content

The content is most important part of your website. Do not write content for search engines but write it for your audience as it very important that the visitor should stay on your website and have a good surfing experience. Make sure that the keywords are repeated only 2%-3% in your search engine.

6. Sitemap.

The sitemap is another place where search engines looks for other webpages of your site and the links given in them are indexed. Google looks for xml sitemap whereas Yahoo looks for list of links which is the format of txt file.

7. Broken Links

Please make sure that there no broken links in your website. Broken links means those links which are not working and those files are removed from the server. So if your website is under construction then don’t keep link to these page or on the page state that this page is under construction.

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