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Difference between SMM and SMO

Due to the tremendous hype of Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM), people are getting confused. Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing are very different each other.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) means optimizing your website for Social Media. In this, we make sure that some important peice of information or product information from your website can shared over social networks like facebook, twitter, linkedin, digg, stumble upon etc. This can be done by adding buttons like facebook share, tweeter’s tweet button. It helps you in spreading word about your product and service to large no. of people over the social networks and can provide you a good traffic of targeted visitors.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) mean marketing your website over Social Networks. In this, you can provide ads on facebook, you can tweet on twitter or can submit your article or press release to different PR websites which not only helps you in creating back links but also helps you in marketing to a large pool people in less time and with less expenditure. Facebook is a very successful platform now and it could be very costly to do advertisement on it.

One needs to do a lot of work to get success using SMM and SMO as you should first have to understand where you will find your target customers or visitors. Then you need to connect with them and have to start an conversation so that they will be interested and will start following you on these social networks. Once you have a good no. of followers then your job becomes easy. As without followers the social media is not going to work for you easily.

Nothing comes easily, one has to work hard to get success. So it can be done either by paying someone for his time and experience or put your time in it, learn and work hard.


Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Now a days, Social Media Marketing (SMM) has been a buzz word. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is nothing but marketing your company, product or services on the the social sites like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, LinkedIn, ibibo etc. SMM helps in building brand and promoting products or services to your potential audience.

Who should use SMM ?

Any company or person who’s potential customers are general people or a group of users who uses internet a lot and are available at one place like Facebook or Google or Yahoo groups. If you are a company which manufactures technical products which are used by engineering company, then the scope will be less as its difficult to find your targeted audience  at one place. In such case you need to visit technical forum sites where your target audience is available.

Research needs to be done before opting for SMM

In internet marketing, information travels very fast and its difficult to remove your history from the internet. So it is very important to create a positive image if anything goes wrong then it becomes very difficult to improve it. One should always do research before entering into SMM. One should always look for sites where they will find the maximum target audience at one place.

How to use SMM in right way ?

Create your company’s profile on the social network sites and connect to as many members as possible.  Update your status regularly. Advertise on these sites if budget allows. Provide free information or try to solve problems of members. Join Groups and email the groups about your special offers, products and services etc. Participate regularly in forums and create a good reputation. Do not irritate members by bombarding your emails or messages or posts which are irrelevant.

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